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Are you feeling overwhelmed with keeping track of all your client emails, due dates and project details? Do you still keep all your contracts and invoices in paper format? Are you tired of running back and forth to the bank constantly to deposit cash and checks?

Running a business can get very overwhelming. So many details, dates and transactions to keep track of. We would know. Under our business umbrella we have 4 separate entities that we need to keep separate for our bookkeeping. Honeybook has been a saving grace for us. It allows us to keep each entity separate under one account, making life so much easier both for us and our accountant.

A CRM Tool you can trust

There are so many great features and benefits of using Honeybook as your company’s CRM tool. I could go on for days talking about it but wanted to highlight some of the big things that really helps us stay organized, on track and, most importantly, sane.

Client Emails

All of our client emails goes through Honeybook, tied to our gmail accounts. This helps keep all of our emails between us and our clients organized and easy to find. Because both Anna and I are connected to the clients Honeybook project, we both are notified whenever a client emails us, ensuring we are both up to date on all communication. It also means that whenever one of us is out of the office, the other person can easily step in and take over without having emails being sent to just one email account.

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Personalized Proposals, Contracts & Invoices

One of the things that Honeybook does really well as a client management tool is having easily customizable client proposals, invoices and contracts. This has been such a timesaver for us. We’ve created templates for each business for all the different types of businesses and transactions we do.

The brochures are setup to help our clients know what to expect when working with us, what difference packages we offer and what the next steps are. They can easily view all of this online, select the packages and products they wish to move forward with and then submit it for us to view.

Based on their selections we can then easily create a custom invoice and contract to send the client that is tailored based on the services they wish to purchase. The invoice gives us the option to list out each product and services individually, tax those items that are taxable, provide a discount if applicable, as well as set up a payment plan for adjusted for our client’s need and timeline. Everything ties back to the clients project keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

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Calendar Integration & Task Management

When you run a busy portrait studio alongside a branding and marketing company like we do, keeping our calendars synced and up to date is extremely important. Honeybook integrates straight with our Gmail calendars, and each time a new inquiry comes in, it lets us know if we are already booked on that date or not.

Besides adding our clients project date to our calendar we can also attach any work tasks related to each project, right in to Honeybook. So each day as I log on to my account I can easily see what tasks I need to do for the day and what I can expect for the rest of the week. Once again helping us stay organized and accountable for each client’s project.

Accounting Software Integration

If you’re a creative, like us, accounting and tax season is not now of our favorite times or strong skillsets. Honeybook and Quickbooks makes this so much less stressful. By integrating together, all of our transactions flows into our accounting software and allows for our accountant to keep them separate by each entity and providing us accurate and detailed accounting statements. As boring as finances can be, it is one of the most important aspects of running a business, so having a system that minimizes the headache is a game changer.

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How you can maximize your business

As I previously mentioned, I can go on and on about how beneficial Honeybook has been for our business. But sometimes it is just easier to experience it for yourself than reading about it online. If you don’t already have CRM tool you use for your business, or you’re looking for a new client management tool to help elevate and maximize your business, then take advantage of this amazing offer right now.

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