50 Shades of Branding

with Anna Johnson

With: AIBP Retreat

Location: San Antonio, Tx. November 5th-7th

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Create a Brand that’s a

True Reflection of YOU!

 Honey, we all have our 50 shades of.. [Fill in the blank]!

As creatives, we tend to think we need the latest book, to follow the most popular brand, or even hire the biggest agency to create a business that is truly successful. The simple truth is, the answer to becoming successful with boudoir is already inside of YOU. All you need is time to reflect, focus on the right questions and some tools to help you uncover your Brand’s Vision.

I spent the early part of my life as a nurse, and during this time I learned to understand the humans brain (Psyche). What draws people to someone, then how to take that and utilize it for my own company. I learned exactly what is needed and required from me to convey a message to my client. Uncovering this takes a bit of work and tons of heartfelt digging.

During this workshop we will be covering some of the following topics:

  • How to design a business that is aligned with your core values and dig deep into the reasons why you desire to offer boudoir. Boudoir is not just about “Empowerment”, each company who is successful recognizes its so much more and this starts with YOU!

  • Who your ideal client is and how to use “empathic thinking” to build deeper relationships and serve him/her/them better.

  • To be confident in your talents; that what you seek is seeking you

  • To understand that everything from the look of your website, the lingerie you offer, the studio, and down to the albums you offer represent your brand and are a big part of consistency.

  • The natural order of creative and marketing process – when to hire and how.


  • Boudoir Photographers, who struggle having their authentic self shine through their business. This is for the person who is constantly on Facebook, instagram and google searching other boudoir photographer to see if there is something they are missing. Honey, if this is you, what you are missing… is more of YOU!

  • Any person or company who has an existing brand that they want to clarify, solidify and create more engagement with.

  • Any human who is working for someone else (or themself) but realizes that a consistent, meaningful online presence creates further opportunity and growth. People want to see YOU!

  • There is no magic number in terms of revenue, social media followers, or years in business that you need to have reached for this to be applicable and impactful. Both large corporations and personal blogs have taken my branding workshops and have benefited. Let’s put it this way, if you are struggling then it’s simple… you need help and this is what I do.

  • People who are sick of feeling confused and frustrated about what their real message is and, have lost their enthusiasm for their business, or simply want to be more impactful with their message!


  • You are only interested in increasing numbers or followers! This workshop is about building a brand that is ENGAGING and AUTHENTIC, not quick growth hacks. I will cover the anatomy of a good social media account, and examine what stalls and propels growth, however this is requires you to be involved.

  • You don’t want to WORK for your answers. I can’t TELL you what your brand should be, because I’m not you! You will have to dig deep to find your unique value and identity for your brand. I WILL give you the tools, and information needed to do this! But you’ll still have to WORK! So bring your big girl/boy pants and lets get to work!

  • You are expecting that I tell you some easy unheard of hack that will automate engagement and authenticity. I won’t because it doesn’t exist, and also because in order to CREATE SOMETHING REAL YOU NEED TO START WITH SOMETHING REAL (Hello). If you are unwilling, or uninterested in emotionally connecting with your business and brand, this workshop is not for you! WE GET REAL UP IN HERE. In order to be REAL we have to be vulnerable and let’s face it getting vulnerable with boudoir is not going to be easy.

  • I recommend that before you spend money on this (or anything like this!), that you’ve decided “Boudoir” is for you. If you are on the fence of what you want to do this will 100% clarify it for you but, you may not like the answer you discover.

50 Shades Authentic Branding
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I have partnered with my vendors and I will be offering some totally, awesome giveaways for those who attend.. Yes Baby!

By Teri Hoffard Photography

About Anna Johnson.

First, I want to mention this lovely image of me was take by one of my favorite people in the Boudoir Industry. The beautiful, fun loving Teri Hofford of Teri Hofford Photography. Thanks, Teri- I still Freaking love it!

Now a bit about me… Well, if you read above you would have noticed I was a Nurse prior to owning my own Photography Studio. Leaving nursing was a hard decision but something I don’t regret… EVER! I am the owner of Boudoir Ego, San Diego CA. I have been a Boudoir Photographer for… EVER! No, really it just seems like forever because the first shoot I ever did was with a few girlfriends when I was about 15 years old. OMG, I know I was a little frisky and crazy as a young lad but even then I knew there was just something special about doing boudoir photography.

I’ve been featured in Rangefinder, Philosophie, Sexy Inked, Dark Beauty and many more magazines but if I’m honest (and honey, I am always honest) none of that matters when it comes down to branding YOUR business. What does matter? Is I am a NO Bull S%*^ Type of person and I will tell you 100% how it is. I do not beat around the bush, and I will not only give you a little information so you have to pay to get more. I will cover as much as I possibly can within this workshop and I will answer ALL (or as many as I can) questions.